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Ch'ooshgai Community School (CCS) is located in the Northwestern Region of McKinley County in Tohatchi, New Mexico. It is situated approximately 25 miles north of Gallup, New Mexico in the foothills of Chuska Peak along State Highway 491. The school is settled in a unique location atop a rocky terrain of a strategic mesa. The Ch'ooshgai Community School water tower can be seen from miles around. Ch'ooshgai Community School overlooks the Tohatchi Community and Ch'ooshgai Lake at the eastern side of the school. Ch'ooshgai Community School is a Grant School Governed by a local elected governing board, which represents five neighboring communities. The communities include: Tohatchi, Naschitti, Coyote Canyon, Mexican Springs, and Twin Lakes. The school assumed grant status on February 12, 1998. Prior to this time, the Bureau of Indian Affairs-Office of Indian Education Programs (BIA-OIP) under the Fort Defiance Agency operated the school as Chuska Boarding School since 1965. The school is incorporated under the state of New Mexico, and with the Navajo Nation as a non-profit corporation to provide educational services for students from birth to 8th grade. Ch'ooshgai Community School is also identified as a "feeder school" to the Gallup McKinley County Public Schools of Tohatchi Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Private and Parochial school within a 100-mile radius. Ch'ooshgai Community School Campus has fine facilities and well kept buildings. The campus consists of Administration Building, Academic Building, 4 Portable Buildings, and 1 Housing Building. The school has an attractive campus and classrooms conducive to learning. The academic building is comprised of three (3) wings: A-Wing accommodates K-2nd Grades; B-Wing places 3rd-6th Grades; and C-Wing occupies 7th-8th grades. It has large classrooms to accommodate 25 students. CCS offers the five core academic subjects namely Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Electives such as Navajo Studies, Computer, Physical Education, and Library are also offered. Compensatory Program offerings are Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program, Special Education (SPED), and Sports. The school has also formed various programs such as Dine' Culture Club, Chess Club, Girl Scouts, Library Club, and Newsletter Group. The school has 32 certified teachers, 24 are New Mexico licensed, and 8 are other state certified. CCS is a multicultural make up of teachers who comprised indigenous people representing Navajo, Sioux, Laguna, Filipion, and Euro-American people. The distinguished features of the school that make it unique from any other schools are the activities like the Dine' Cultural Dance Group that acknowledges and recognizes the Dine' Cultural background of students through the Dine' Studies Program. The school has a great on-going Sports Program that exposes the students' various abilities and caters the community's expectations like football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, track, and cross-country. Another feature is the Students Recognition of Honors. Every quarter the school recognizes students who qualified for the academic excellence and perfect attendance. The school and community also promote a safe environment by engaging in regular fire drills and mock drills. Ch'ooshgai Community School enrollment for school year 2011-2012 consisted of 355 students from the surrounding communities and of the number, 131 residential students, 37 Special Education students, and 333 students were considered limited English Language Learners. Approximately, 98.4% of students are Navajo and 1.6% are registered with other native tribes. All of our parents have been surveyed and 70% have indicated that they speak their Navajo language at home, while 30% speak only English at home.

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