CCS offers the five (5) core academic subjects namely Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Electives such as Navajo Studies, Computer, Physical Education, and Library are also offered, Compensatory Program offerings are Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program, Special Education (SPED),and Sports. The school has also formed various programs such as Dine' Culture Club, Chess Club, Girl Scouts, Library Club, and Student Government Organization.

Experience Matters
The school has 32 certified teachers, 24 are New Mexico licensed, and 8 are other state-certified. CCS is a multicultural make up of teachers who comprised indigenous people representing Navajo, Sioux, Laguna, Filipino, and Euro-American people.

Distinguished Features
The distinguished features of the school the make it unique from any other schools are the activities like the Dine' Cultural Dance Group that acknowledges and recognizes the Dine' Cultural background of students through the Dine' Studies Program. The school has a great ongoing Sports Program that exposes the students various abilities and caters the community's expectations like basketball, baseball, volleyball, track, and cross-country. Another feature is the Students Recognition of Honors. Every quarter the school recognizes students who qualified for the academic excellence and perfect attendance. the school and community also promote a safe environment by engaging in regular fire drills and mock drills.

In accordance with 25CFR, Part 36, the residential facility is available for students whose parents prefer for their child in first grade to eighth grade to reside in residential hall during school week. Variety of groups, family, and individualized services are available for students. Transportation is available to and from home for students upon request. Daily living skills and student safety that will equip them in today's society is provided.

Transportation is provided for day students in the communities of Naschitti, Tohatchi, Mexican Springs, Twin Lakes and Coyote Canyon. Transportation is also provided for residential students from outlying communities surrounding District 14.

Food Services
Food Services Program provides meals to students Kindergarten - 8th grade in accordance with the New Mexico Nutrition Programs Unit. The breakfast and lunch food program provides balanced and nutritious meals. The New Mexico Nutrition Programs Unit endorses the Sysco Food Services of New Mexico menus and all meals are prepared accordingly. Dinner is provided for students who reside in the Residential Program.